Step 1: Choose Your Challenge & Register

This is a choose your own adventure and there is a challenge for everyone. Pick the one that feels right for you and make it your own! Decided? Now move to Step 2.


Step 2: Get Fundraising

  1. Go to our everydayhero Team Page.

  2. Click on “Join Team” and Sign Up. Be sure to tell everyone your writing goal (e.g. I’m signing up for the Non-Fiction challenge to write a 1,200 word memoir) and why you are passionate about supporting Story Factory.

  3. You’ll receive an email from us within 48 hours confirming that you’re registered.

  4. Start fundraising. Get creative and ask people to be generous. It’s for a great cause!



Our target is $60,000. That’s enough to kick off year-long creative writing residencies in two new Western Sydney schools, with up to 200 kids who have never had such opportunities before.

Story Factory staff, board and ambassadors are excluded, this is all about encouraging our wonderful supporters. So what are you waiting for?

Step 3: Write, Write, Write!

The Story Factory Pen to Paper Challenge 2019 begins at 6pm Thursday 23 May


Just One Rule…

To focus your mind, all participants must include our challenge theme in their writing!

Your THEME will be announced at 6pm Thursday 23 May, and not a minute sooner.


You wouldn’t do a fun run without training, so spend some time preparing. Rest assured we will be there to help you along!

  1. SURVIVAL PACK: You’ll receive the one-of-a-kind Pen to Paper Challenge Survival Pack in the mail, brim full of ideas to spark your creativity, and goodies to get you through.

  2. INSPIRATIONAL SMS TIPS: We’ll send you SMS tips throughout May to inspire and motivate you - priceless writing tips from our challenge ambassadors, writing heroes and students.

  3. COMMUNITY CONNECTION: Join us and everyone participating in the Pen to Paper Challenge via social media and in our Pen to Paper Challengers Facebook Group. Get amongst it for support, inspiration and ideas as the excitement builds.

  4. TWO EVENTS: We will also be hosting two exciting events to help keep the creative juices flowing throughout the challenge, so be sure to come along!

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Step 4: Celebrate Your Success

The Story Factory Pen to Paper Challenge 2019 ENDS at 6pm Sunday 26 May

By 6pm Sunday 26 May you will have completed a piece of creative writing that’s probably one of the most creative, polished and meaningful things you’ve written in a while.

You will also have raised a substantial donation for Story Factory that will go a huge way to helping us bring our life-changing programs to hundreds more marginalised young people in 2019.

Well done you! And thank you!

Be sure to celebrate and give yourself a huge pat on the back! Tell all your donors and supporters that you’ve done it - you took on the challenge, and completed it.

Whether you then share and publish your writing is up to you. Some suggestions:

  • Post excerpts or samples of your writing at the Pen to Paper Challenge Facebook Group and on your own social media channels.

  • Email your finished piece of writing to all donors and supporters, with a great big thank you!

  • Typeset, print and even frame copies of your writing as personalised thank you gifts for key supporters.

  • Polish and redraft your writing then submit it for publication, for example, the Audrey Daybook Short Story Competition, The Big Issue

  • Poets - get along to the Bankstown Poetry Slam and perform your poem.

Cath dinkus AOTY - high res.jpg

Can’t participate but want to contribute?

If you can’t participate in the challenge yourself help us reach our target by supporting co-founder Cath’s Pen to Paper Challenge Campaign by making a donation on her everydayhero page. She’s aiming to raise $5,000!