Frequently Asked Questions


Can I choose my own writing goal?

Yes. If you have a specific project that you are working on, or want to set a more ambitious writing target, that’s fine. Match your personal goal to the challenge category that fits - Poetry, Fiction or Non-Fiction. You just need to commit to our prescribed minimums (6 poems; 3,000 words for Fiction; 1,200 words for Non-Fiction) and include our theme in your writing. Make sure your supporters know that you’re personalising or supersizing your challenge and should give even more in support!

Do I have to choose my challenge in advance?

It makes sense to set your challenge up front alongside your fundraising target, so you can clearly communicate this to your supporters. It’s not essential, but it shows you’re serious and creates a much stronger message.

Can I change my challenge?

Yes. It’s more compelling for your supporters if you pick a challenge and stick to it, but if you need to change it you can, at any time.

How do I know what to write?

What you write is entirely up to you. We only have one rule - you must include our 2019 challenge theme, to be announced at 6pm Thursday 23 May. The set tasks for those taking the New Creatives challenge will be provided at the same time. For Poetry participants, a helpful option - come along for our Prescription Poetry workshop at our Saturday Salon on Saturday 25 May; you’ll have your 6 poems written in no time. For Fiction and Non-Fiction participants we’ll provide creativity starters and prompts to get you started and help you along. The rest is up to you.

Where do I publish what I write?

This is not a writing competition so we won’t be asking you to submit what you write in the challenge for review or publishing it for circulation. It’s up to you how you want to share your writing, if at all. That said, we encourage all participants to come along to our Sunday Soiree - we’ll finish with an Open Mic where all those who want to can read what they wrote in the challenge.

Can kids do the Pen to Paper Challenge?

Yes, but they must be supervised by a responsible adult. You have to be 16 to sign up to everydayhero. If an adult is signing up on behalf of a child, you will require explicit permission from everydayhero. Our focus for the Pen to Paper Challenge is encouraging adults to participate, but all content will be family friendly so children as young as 12 can enjoy taking part.

I’m a teacher. Can my class participate in the Pen to Paper Challenge?

NSW fundraising legislation states that a supervisor with authority to fundraise cannot supervise more than six children. All participating children or teenagers must have parental consent and be supervised by a responsible adult. You have to be 16 to create a fundraising page on everydayhero. To register a class group of up to six children and create a fundraising page on everydayhero, call the page your class or group’s name. Then all other details, including date of birth, need to be your own. We will email you after your page has been created to confirm next steps. Please be aware we can send only one Survival Pack, and emails/texts will be sent to your contact details only.

Do I have to fundraise?

Yes. The primary objective of the Story Factory Pen to Paper Challenge is to raise vital funds so that more and more marginalised young people can take part in our life-changing creative writing programs. The Pen to Paper Challenge provides a platform for our supporters to engage their networks to inspire and encourage them to donate to the cause. And have some fun while doing it!

Can I register to participate without creating an everydayhero fundraising page?

No. The Pen to Paper Challenge is a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign, aimed primarily at adults who want to support Story Factory. It’s been created as a fun platform for adults to use their own commitment to completing a short piece of writing as a way to prompt donations for Story Factory.

Can I change my fundraising target?

Yes. If you’re coming close to your target and you think you can stretch it further, increase it and tell your supporters you’re going for gold. It’s all for a great cause!

Do I have to collect the money myself from my donors?

No. Everydayhero will do all that for you and will issue tax-deductible receipts to donors. They’ll then transfer the money directly to us at Story Factory. We don’t recommend you handle any cash yourself.

Are donations tax-deductible?

Yes. Story Factory is a registered charity with DGR1 status. All donations of $2 or more are tax deductible. Donation receipts will be issued automatically via everydayhero.

What’s in the Survival Packs?

All participants will receive our one-of-a-kind Pen to Paper Challenge Survival Packs. Packs will be mailed to your postal address, from Monday 29 April onwards. Packs contain:

  • Fundraising tips and tricks

  • Writing prep and starters for all 4 challenges

  • Creativity prompts and boosters

  • A fresh, clean writing journal filled with blank pages itching to be filled

  • Audrey Daybook mini mags (thanks Lovatts Media!) - recharge with puzzles between writing jags;

  • Tea from The Rabbit Hole (thanks The Rabbit Hole!) - mull over your next words while you sip a tasty beverage;

  • Notecard from Papier (thanks Papier!) - write out your best line, take a photo, then share on social media.

And more!

Can anyone come to the events?

Yes. Our Saturday Salon and Sunday Soiree are open to all. All those participating and fundraising for the Pen to Paper Challenge will receive a personal invitation with their Survival Pack. We welcome gold coin donations from everyone else.